Senior Structural Engineer $146-131K Hollow Words?

Location: NTH ISLAND - Auckland
Salary: $138,000.00
Category: Engineering - Structural

Your input is getting nothing but “lip service” and it’s becoming clear there will be a continuing Imbalance of decision making once you step up?

They are offering a chance to be an equal leader, with one other Senior. Benefit from a competent and stable structural team to continue to build on their strong pipeline of business.
It is an option that based on your performance and success could lead you to be a key part of this national consulting, including future directorship.

Serious about putting this strategy in place and it has the backing and support of key directors. Strong profit share plan in place where Senior and Management staff can make a decent bonus per annum not seen in the big companies.
They are looking for someone who is an accomplished leader, who can deliver projects and maintain warm client relationships. No financial pressure in the form of busienss development in the short term.
You'll need at least 6 years of Structural experience, with 3+ years within New Zealand. CPEng or near qualified preferred.

For more positons contact Pieter DeBruyn