Senior Structural Engineer $149-134K Ownership?

Location: NTH ISLAND - Auckland
Salary: $149,000.00
Category: Engineering - Structural

The Company 
Whilst not one of the biggest companies around, they are a sought after mid-sized specialist in buildings, with capabilities across commercial, public service, industrial and up to 8 storey residential. 

Existing employees have a common message, “we get the interesting projects without having to be one of those big structured companies in town”, clearly best of both worlds in their opinion.

The Projects
With a reputation of successfully handling irregular designs, they’ve built strong relationships with not only the regular construction companies, but also the specialists who deal with heritage and landmark projects.

The Culture
Culture best described here is one of mateship. The team is in it for the "long haul". Part of the reason the turnover has been so low over the years they are employee owned.

Engineers are driven by the fact that one day they could also have a 'slice of the pie'. So take ownership of your own team, lead projects and work your way to ownership at the highest level.

Civil/Structural Engineering Degree, at least 7 years experience in reputable consultancy in the building structures space in New Zealand and a CPEng qualification.

For more positons contact Pieter DeBruyn