Senior & Intermediate Civil Engineers

Location: NTH ISLAND - Auckland
Salary: $146,000.00
Category: Engineering - Civil

Senior Civil Engineer $146K-$130K.

  • Strong pipeline of projects in urban developments & renewals as well as commercial and retail. Bonus structure in place.

Senior Civil Engineer $135K-$125K.

  • Autonomously lead greenfields, brownfields, civil works or renewal projects.  Modern development resources at your disposal.

Senior Civil Engineer $130K-$117K.

  • Prestigious developer connections, high-end residential, retail and commercial projects. Civil Director offering mentorship.


Civil Engineer $109K-$81K.

  • High-level, challenging projects – subdivisions, brownfields, infrastructure and civil works, clear path for career progression

Civil Engineer $105K-$83K.

  • Diverse land projects – land development & redevelopments, mixed-use estates. Incentives almsot always on offer.

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