Principal Structural Engineer $198k – 176k Empty promises?

Location: NSW - Sydney
Salary: $198,000.00
Category: Engineering - Structural


Too many broken promises to count, endless delays in putting you into a stream for future ownership and Director designate title. No reward for work brought in.


This progressive mid tier will set you up from day one with a career map that spells out how you can achieve directorship and future equity. The KPI’s and targets you need to meet to get there but also the support and mentorship they provide to get you there.


As an employee owned company they encourage entrepreneurship, they value staff that can contribute to the bigger picture and offer a value proposition to continue to grow their business into the big league of client acquisition.

This portfolio is ideally placed to allow a person with their sights set on directorship and equity in making this their last important move. Having recently moved over to a profit share model for all staff no matter the seniority, a slice of the pie is now available for all.  Continued growth also means business streams are still expanding both vertically and horizontally, creating gaps for sector leaders and future directors of the business.

As a vital part of this sizeable buildings group, manage a team of 5 handpicked Engineers and Designers / Drafters. Participate in the ongoing Business Development strategy, which to date has proven to be very successful given their desirable project pipeline and landmark projects to their name.

Benefit from flexibility and work/life balance promoted here. All directors have young families and understand the need for family time. Directors still get involved at ground level, often rolling up their sleeves and getting on the tools if needed.

Degree Qualified and Chartered Structural Engineer with 15 yrs experience in the buildings market in Sydney?

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