Principal Civil Engineer $162-146K

Location: NTH ISLAND - Auckland
Salary: $142,000.00
Category: Engineering - Civil


The right expertise can make all the difference when adding value to a project, particularly in the early phases, when knowledge and experience can make a real difference to a projects success. As a Senior Specialist in the civil engineering facets of municipal infrastructure and land development projects, you understand this better than anyone.

Here is an opportunity to flex your technical muscle – mentor young staff and improve project delivery through all stages of projects.   Implement standards, simplify design processes and improve quality control to bring this young consultancy into line with best practice.

As Technical Principal, you will take charge of the design team as they plan, design, construct and maintain regional infrastructure works including: building works (housing and institutional) transport (roads and pavements), and civil works (3 waters). 

Accordingly, you will be rewarded with industry development, including subsidised industry memberships; incentivised bonuses; transport; and shareholder options in this lifestyle friendly consultancy. 

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