Land Surveyor

Location: NSW - Sydney
Salary: $120,000.00
Category: Engineering - Surveying

Who Are They?

  • Specialist surveying company with multiple Registered surveyors.

Will I be Micro Managed?

  • Run jobs as you see fit with plenty of resources behind you to make your life easier. 
  • Ideal for hands-on Surveyors that can work on their own and have capabilities in the field and the office and don't want someone breathing down their neck.

What's the Money Like?

  • Surveyors in this company are often the best paid in the market, and the standard tool-kit will obviously be included (Car, Phone, Laptop etc). No need to bring the car back to the office. When you knock-off, just take it home.

Do they have work to keep me long-term?

  • With one of the best in business development at the helm, you'll have constant access to plenty of work and a large variety of residential projects.
  • The great team dynamic creates ease of communication, decision making and an individualised approach to keeping you happy in both the short and long term.

What does the right person look like?

  • Diploma or Degree in surveying
  • Anywhere from 4 - 15 years Australian Experience
  • Proven Land Surveying field and office capability (residential)
  • Ability to work independently and complete tasks without supervision.



For more positons contact Albert DeBruyn