Civil Engineers x 3

Location: NTH ISLAND - Auckland
Salary: $155,000.00
Category: Engineering - Civil


Civil Engineer. $102,000 - $89,000

Here you can take a long term position with a nationally recognised Land development consultancy, to become a catalyst for growth in the business.

  • This role will see you develop leadership skills, as you progress towards a Senior Civil Engineer role within 12-18 months with support from Civil Directors.
  • Civil Land Development projects are complex in design and will involve commercial and residential Brownfield developments, most exceeding 1000 lots.
  • Solid growth in the Golden Triangle (Auckland Tauranga, Hamilton) ensure Civil project pipeline is plentiful and varied.
  • Their brand, culture and connections make this a secure and attractive move. 


Civil Engineer. $100,000 - $86,000

Work on prestigious Urban Renewal projects whilst being exposed to the capability of a large company, but the perks of with an interpersonal leading mid-tier.

  • Solid, healthy relationships with top-tier developers are constantly winning new work – large-scale urban developments and subdivision projects, as well as urban renewals.
  • Civil Directors promote and encourage a healthy work-life balance, with many having arrangements such as 9-day fortnights or shorter working days.
  • As a result of this, the work environment is highly motivated, creating great team synergy and outstanding project delivery, adding to their highly-regarded reputation in the Civil market.  


Civil Engineer. $95,000 - $85,000

Join a strong team of 8+ at this fast-growing, mid-tier with solid growth, strong staff retention and decades of industry success in a role created for autonomy, not micromanagement.

  • The team is dedicated, establish and have worked on award winning projects. Work on urban expansions, infrastructure and land development projects.
  • Civil Directors envisage a step-up to Senior Civil Engineer in the short-medium term,They do not limit career progression here.
  • They have great relationships with Project Managers, Architects and Government Clients across Auckland, resulting in a steady pipeline past 2021.
  • The work culture here is uniquely close-knit, with lunches put on for staff weekly, celebrations/parties for successful projects, Directors even allow staff to stay at their holiday/beach houses. 

For more positons contact Roger Lingley