Senior Civil Engineer - Drainage/Stormwater

Location: QLD - Brisbane
Salary: $142,000.00
Category: Engineering - Civil

Encouragement of hands on leadership, so you remain involved. Train your team the way you like to on the technical side whilst having exposure to decision making process at strategic level. From here you can control the business development side, and the long term strategic planning for your team

Positioned across infrastructure and urban development sectors, as a Senior, lead a civil team of 4. They are also looking to expand the team with graduate members, meaning you will have the benefit of providing mentorship and moulding your team members from the beginning.

The team culture is young but professional, and will consist of people who have been subject to the strong training and development program this company puts in place.

Cross project work and role interchange between other Senior Civil Engineers interstate is common with solidified project work with key clients across Australia.

Technical design background in stormwater management, drainage design for loca infrastructure and land development projects.

For more positons contact Costa Constantaras