Associate Structural Engineer $148k-$136k

Location: NTH ISLAND - Auckland
Salary: $148,000.00
Category: Engineering - Structural


  • $148,000 - $136,000
  • Work close to home - both options in southern suburbs 
  • Assist with enhancing the team structure & generating business 
  • Be introduced to their bonus structure down the track


If you’re a CPEng Structural Engineer with 6-10 years of experience in low to medium-rise structures, this role presents a great opportunity...

  • Contribute and assist with enhancing the team structure here so they can take on new business and not have to constantly turn work away.
  • Employees really respect the Directors and executives here because of the encouragement and respect of work/life balance. Most executives and Directors have young kids and families, so they truly understand the importance of getting home at reasonable times and a healthy balance between work and home life.
  • Bonuses and incentives ensure the staff stay motivated and rewarded for their contributions and they also allow everyone to be truly recognized for their successes by colleagues and Structural leaders.
  • Career progression here is clear – by generating new business and somewhat “transforming” the team structure, you’re providing yourself a long-term “nest.” Whether your goal is Directorship or something else, executives here are more than open to facilitating your aspirations.
  • Further enhance your leadership and team building skills with the team of Engineers and Drafters, from graduates to experienced Engineers/Drafters.
  • Be introduced to their bonus structure down the track – Directors and executives have gotten close to doubling their salary through this structure.
  • After you set the team up for success - the generation of new business is the main component of this role.

For more positons contact Roger Lingley